Mod Podge and Tissue Paper a Classic

Sometimes going back to basics in crafting is really fun. It is also very rewarding to teach a craft to someone else. Today I led a retreat for 15 middle school aged kids and although I am exhausted I am also feeling very lucky to have spent the day with a great group of kids. One of our activities was to make candles that we will light for their Confirmation service. I went totally old school with Mod Podge and tissue paper on a glass candle holder. I was able to buy the candles in a glass bottle at the dollar store and a multi-color package of tissue paper. A bottle of Mod Podge and some sponge brushes from Michael’s (using my 40% off coupon) were all that we needed to create these beautiful candles. Each of the kids created their own design and even better they bonded with each other over shared crafting. I can’t wait to see how they look all lit up.





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