Tiles Make a Helpful Label for Buffet

There is nothing worse than unidentifiable meat on a buffet table! Have you ever had the experience of biting into what you think is chicken only to realize it is pork? Not that there is anything wrong with pork – but I like to know what I’m putting in my mouth!

I really do love a good buffet but I don’t like trying to figure out what the food is. For my friend’s graduation party I made some very simple re-usable labels for the buffet table.

We had some leftover white bullnose tiles from a bathroom tile job – these are the curved pieces used for the edges of a tiled wall. You can buy bullnose tile pieces anyplace that they sell ceramic tile.  There are also V shaped tiles that are uses for sink rails which would work great – but I already had bullnose!

To make them more festive I glued on some plastic buttons that I found at the fabric store.  My friend is Irish so I was so excited when I found these cute shamrocks in the button department.  To use a button that has a shank on the back you can just cut that off with a wire cutter. I used E-6000 glue to glue the buttons which works well on a glossy surface like glass or tile.


I decorated mine with buttons – but you could use stickers or photos or anything you like!  To make the bullnose tiles so they would stand up like an easel I glued a champagne cork to the back just under the lip.


That was all there was to it! Write on these with a dry erase marker and your guests will never have to play guess the food again. These can be used in so many ways: alert those with allergies that something contains nuts; next to a punch bowl letting people know if there is alcohol in the punch; label the salsa so people know if it is hot or mild! Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness as well as how clever you are.


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