About Me

I am a crafty DIY person, I enjoy making my own things and always have some sort of project in mind or half done.  I tend to be a little bit ADD in my crafting jumping from project to project and trying different things.  I knit and crochet a little, I scrapbook, I build things, I do a little bit of everything.  I NEED my projects because they keep me happy and sane.  I decided to document my varied projects in this blog.

I have been married to the same man for over 25 years (I was 10 on my wedding day!)  We have an 18 year old son who will graduate from high school in 2012.  We also have an 11 year old daughter who we adopted in Russia when she was 3 years old (best thing I’ve ever done!) she will graduate from high school in 2019 – expletive, that sounds so far away!  My full time job is parenting these two wonderfully different kids.

I also have 2 part time jobs: Teaching water fitness classes at the Y.
Selling logo items for marketing (pens, t-shirts, USB flash drives, awards,  anything you can put a name on!)  I volunteer at church teaching Sunday school and arranging the Altar flowers each week.  I keep myself busy and I like it that way.

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