Dollar Store Mercury Glass

Spring is here so that means fun with spray paint! I can’t spray paint indoors because of the fumes and mess so I have to wait for the temperature to hit 50 degrees to do my spray paint projects. Lucky for me this winter was a short one because I have been waiting to try a project using Krylon Looking Glass paint.

I bought a couple of glass candle holders and a candle stick at the dollar store. I taped off the edges with masking tape which was the most difficult part of the project. I lightly misted the inside of the containers with water thinking it would cause the paint to bubble and look old. I sprayed the inside of the containers and the bottom of the candle stick with the looking glass paint. I don’t know if my water trick worked the way I thought it would but I liked the way it looked so I guess it doesn’t matter. I didn’t do a very good job with the masking tape so I had to scrape some paint off the outside edge. I glued one of the containers to the candle stick and I was done.  Easy!





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