T-Shirt Bowl – A Quick Filler Project

I’m working on some projects that are meant to be a surprise for someone – I will share them here soon I promise!
Here is something I made to use up some of my scraps of t-shirt yarn. Since I don’t actually know how to crochet my attempts at following any kind of pattern are pretty much failures. I know it seems strange to say that I don’t know how to crochet considering the fact that I have made several crocheted rugs. It turns out that knowing a couple stitches and techniques does not necessarily mean that I can crochet!  I attempted to follow a couple patterns and in the end I just sort of had to wing it. This is my “pattern”:
Chain 2 and then single crochet 6 times into the first chain (the one farther away from the hook) This is where I got confused by the patterns because they would talk about joining and not joining and I don’t know what that means – and frankly I was babysitting one of my nieces at the time and so figuring it out or looking it up wasn’t worth the bother! My niece did offer to help by unrolling my balls of yarn and then complaining that she couldn’t find her drum sticks (AKA my knitting needles).  At this point if you are an actual crocheting person feel free to google a pattern and don’t laugh at my attempt to explain how I made this!
I now had a circle made from 6 single crochet stitches. I continued following around the circle this time crocheting 2 single crochet stitches into each of the 6 stitches in my circle.  Since I was working with scraps I attached the next color with a needle and thread.


The next time around I did 1 single crochet in the first stitch then 2 single crochet into the next stitch and repeated all the way around.


Next round I did 1 single crochet in the first 2 stitches and 2 single crochet in the next stitch. I stuck a little marker at the first stitch of the round so I could keep track of where I was. Next time around1 single crochet in the first 3 stitches then 2 single crotchets in the next, repeat all the way around. The next time around 1 crochet for each stitch. Then I continued 1 single crochet per stitch each round until I had the height I wanted. I pulled the end through and l wove the end in. My bowl curved in a little but if I turned it inside out it curved out. It really just depends on the look you like. I made 2 bowls for my daughter to keep all her pony tail holders and hair clips. These were quick and easy to make (once I figured out the how to) and a great way to use up my t-shirt yarn scraps!




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