A Pinterest Party – The Menu

A Pinterest Party! If you are on Pinterest you probably have pinned a project or recipe that you just haven’t had the chance to do. A friend of mine decided to have a Pinterest party to give us an excuse to complete a Pin or two! The idea was to bring a project to work on and a dish from a recipe that you found on Pinterest.

First let me admit right now that my recipe was a bit lame, mostly because I didn’t prepare enough in advance so I had to go with something quick and easy. My friends and family set the bar pretty high so I may just be making excuses! The food was pretty amazing.

I was a bit lazy, so my contribution was a cocktail. I call it a black and tan, or a stout shot, because it looks like a glass of dark beer. It is easy and yummy. 1) Pour some Coffee liquor into a small glass about an ounce or 1/3 of the glass. 2) Hold a spoon just above the coffee liquor and pour an equal amount of Irish cream gently into the spoon allowing it to spill over – it floats! 3) Sip or gulp it down – but not too much because crafting while drunk can be dangerous.


We had 2 people bring an Autumn Chopped salad and it was a good thing there was lots because it was delicious! The combination of pears, feta cheese, nuts, berries and bacon was so good Barb and Linda both had it pinned but Linda pinned it first so she wins:  Salad recipe


Another treat on the menu was sugar coated walnuts there is no picture because I was too busy eating them.  Elizabeth had a couple pins for this one but I am giving credit to this blog: Sugar coated walnuts

My sister made a Chicken Tortilla Soup which she says is her specialty; unfortunately I don’t have a picture because it was gone before I thought to take a photo! Or maybe I “forgot” to take a picture because I was jealous because she was always Mom’s favorite, HA! I just fell off my chair laughing, we all know who Mom’s favorite is! I can’t find her recipe on Pinterest, could it be that she cheated? I will have to hunt her down to get the recipe!

Barb being an overachiever and the one who arranged the party had a second recipe Creamy Slow Cooker Tortellini Soup it was pretty and tasted wonderful luckily I thought to get a picture early. Here is the recipe: Tortellini soup recipe


And then Noel made sure that our sweet tooth was properly honored with decadent Buckeye Brownies. Here is the link from her pin: Brownies recipe


As you can see we had some fantastic food and lots of fun. Next time I will share our craft projects from the party.

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