Prayerfully Knit Baby Hat

Someone very special in our lives had a baby this week and so I wanted to knit a gift for the baby.

Sometimes my favorite projects are ones that I can do mindlessly while watching TV – like the crocheted t-shirt yarn rugs. But when I’m making something for a baby or someone who is sick, I like to be very mindful and prayerful. I believe in the power of prayer and so, as I knit I like to think about the recipient and pray for them. In my imagination I can see the prayers and good thoughts being woven into each stitch that I make. My hope is that when they receive the gift they will be surrounded with love and prayers. I believe that the love and prayers I send their way are the biggest part of the gift I make.

Welcome to the world Peter  – you have wonderful parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends – you are truly loved.


Prayers for health and prosperity knit into these stitches.


The finished hat, it may or may not fit but prayers are always the right size.

2 thoughts on “Prayerfully Knit Baby Hat

  1. Jess, I love your Mindful way of making a gift for someone—-thank you for sharing your crafts and thoughts.

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