DIY Mercury Glass

Looking glass paint is so easy and fun I can hardly stand it! Today is St. Patrick’s day and I spent the morning at the local brewery showing off my  6-pack beer box  purse. I may have also had a pint or two of stout. That just demonstrates how easy this mercury glass project is!

I found this really cute glass bowl and I couldn’t wait to make it better. Tip for getting the price tag sticker off: fill the container with hot water and let it set for a few minutes then the sticker peels off easily. I taped the top edges with scotch tape because I was too lazy to find the masking tape. I sprayed the inside of the bowl with a fine mist of water which creates little bubbles in the paint making it look aged. Then I sprayed 2 coats of the looking glass paint re-applying the water mist in between. Ta-da really cool mercury glass bowl! I had to arrange some St. Pat’s day green flowers to show it off.

Now I think it is time for another beer!





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