Beer Purse Revisited

My first attempt at making a purse from a beer 6-pack box came out pretty good – but I am never content with pretty good! I gifted the first purse to my friend who had challenged me to come up with an up-cycled beer project and she seemed very pleased with her gift. I’ve had a few requests from friends who would like a purse of their own so it seemed like a good idea to improve the process.  As someone who enjoys beer I have some interesting 6-pack boxes to choose from!  There are so many interesting beer names and some really beautiful designs I decided on Founders “Dirty Bastard” for this purse.

I wanted to line this purse so these are the directions for the lining:

Make a pattern by tracing the 5 pieces of the beer box adding 1/2 inch seam allowance to all sides. Make a pocket by tracing your cell phone and add an inch all the way around.

Assemble the lining. Sew a narrow hem (1/4 inch) around all 4 sides of the pocket. Right sides together sew the 4 sides to the bottom. Right sides together sew the 4 corner seams. Fold the top edge down 1/2 inch and sew hem. Position the pocket wherever you would like it and stitch the sides and bottom down.

This is the link to my first post: Beer Purse Directions

Remember to sew the handles first! I forgot and had to use some creative sewing techniques to get the handles attached.

After you attach the 2 sides to the bottom sew the lining to the to the top edges of the sides (the ends will be sewn later.)

I changed the assembly order this time in order to minimize the difficulty I had sewing the corner seams – it was slightly better, but only slightly and I did end up hand sewing the bottom end seam. If you come up with a better order please let me know! This time I sewed the 4 corner seams before I attached the ends to the bottom of the purse. But then I couldn’t wedge the purse under the presser foot to sew the bottom so I hand stitched the last seam using a blanket stitch.  Don’t forget to stitch the top edge of the lining to the ends, I sewed these on my sewing machine and got as close to the corners as I could, there was a small gap but I will have to live with it!

This purse came out pretty good – but I’m sure I will try to improve on it!





One thought on “Beer Purse Revisited

  1. Pretty good?”” No way!!! The first masterpiece was “profoundly cool” and “premium.” This imposter version is okay, but can not top the original.

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