Projects that FAILED!

Not all of my projects turn out the way I imagine them and it seems like recently I have had more failures than successes! Since I have been proudly showing off my successful projects on my blog – I guess it is only fair that I should show a few of my recent not so successful projects.

A couple weeks ago I attempted to build a stool from reclaimed pallet wood that just didn’t come together the way I thought it should — I haven’t given up on it but I did have to set it aside so I could re-think my idea. For now it is just a pile of wood for my husband to complain about.


I tried to sew a fabric cross from leftovers from the veil I made for my niece.  I thought I would attach it to a card and it would be a little keepsake. Unfortunately it really didn’t look like a cross when it was done!!


My next fail was an attempt at an image transfer. I had noticed that the product Goof Off contained xylene – which is the same ingredient that is in the blender pen that I used to transfer a photo to a canvas.  Same ingredient yes, but it evaporates too quickly and when I really saturated the paper the image blurred – it did sort of work but not very well.  It might be an option for less detailed images.

Yet another fail started out really well. I was experimenting with paint and glue to create a crackle finish and I had great luck with kids school glue.  I wanted to make a weathered looking sign for my bar so I printed out the lettering  and was using another transfer method with ink jet printouts and water — oops! School glue is washable so when it got wet it turned to mush and the beautiful crackled paint peeled right off!  Luckily no one was around so I was able to swear and stomp around.

My most recent project isn’t exactly a failure – it didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped but it was meant  to be a test run for another project. I want to make teddy bears from old clothes but since I have never made a teddy bear I knew there would have to be some experimenting before I would get it right! So this bear is an experiment and a bit of a failure (sorry teddy.)  I will do better on my next attempt but this guy did what he was supposed to do – he gave me a chance to learn.

In the end all of my projects really are a success – if I enjoyed the process, or learned something new.  I enjoy making things!  So – I will start a new project and maybe it will turn out exactly the way I envisioned it, or maybe better than I imagined — or it might just be a FAIL!

4 thoughts on “Projects that FAILED!

  1. Actually that teddy bear is kinda cute. And if you really really don’t like it, I’ll bet it could be a good dog toy? So, it’s not a failure!

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