Weeds, weeds, weeds

I have several different projects that I am working on but nothing near completion. I really needed the satisfaction of accomplishing something so I looked around for a small project to work on.

The weather here in Michigan has been strange this year, a mild winter a seemingly early spring and then cold again. Today was a pretty and sunny day which makes me want to play in the garden so decided to find a project in the garden. Apparently the weeds love this kind of weather because there were a lot of big healthy weeds growing all along the path and in the garden bed. Pulling weeds, a great project!



Weeds are always interesting to me after all a weed is just a plant that you don’t want. Where do they come from? How do they spread so fast? Are the tomatoes that sprout from last year’s plants weeds? I have intentionally planted milk weed in my garden to attract the Monarch Butterfly – so is it really a weed?


Where did this come from?

My mother used to tell me a story about my ancestors bringing seeds for dandelions with them in their covered wagon because the greens are healthy, delicious and easy to grow. I think about that every time I pull a dandelion weed!  One year I allowed a queen anne’s lace to grow in my butterfly garden because the flowers are so pretty. Years later I am still fighting its attempt to take over my entire back yard! Whenever I see queen anne’s lace at the florist for sale or in a bride’s bouquet I have to wonder.



Then there is the test of my memory – is it a perennial? Every year I vow to keep a record of what I have planted and where. Every year I never seem to get around to it. Then when spring comes I look at the plants coming up and try to remember did I have something planted here? What was it? Is this a cherished perennial or a weed? Some years I get it right. Some years I remember too late that I had planted something in the space I eagerly weeded.

So I spent an hour pulling weeds and thinking all sorts of silly things. Now I am feeling that sense of accomplishment that I was looking for.  I know it won’t last long because the weeds will be back soon as well as the dreaded Maple seeds that are preparing to rain down on my yard.


A tree full of seeds

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