Musings of a Garbage Picker

Well it’s Friday and yesterday was Garbage day but I didn’t see anything worth picking up! I did see a woman driving down the road eying the garbage at the curb in a van FILLED with garbage. She was like a traveling poster for the show Hoarders. I hope that when people see me checking out their garbage they don’t see me in the same way. I am very selective about what I pick up – I have to have a definite plan in my mind before I pick it up. I also know that I have to get whatever I find past my husband when I get home!

I love garbage day. My husband loves garbage day too, it is his favorite day of the week because he loves getting rid of things! As you may imagine he and I have had quite a few fun discussions about our different view points of this special day. But honestly I thank God that he likes to throw things away can you imagine what my house would look like if I didn’t have him? He and I are good balances for each other and so over the years he has learned to let me have my treasures and when they don’t find a use I have learned to let them go back to the curb.

A couple weeks ago I had to part with a beautiful chest of drawers that I had garbage picked last fall. It really was an awesome piece of furniture but it required some repairs that were beyond my skill set. So to the curb it went. Within 30 minutes a man came to garbage pick it from my curb! I was in the garage working on another piece of furniture and the next thing you know my husband was bringing him back to meet me and show him what I was working on. We shared some stories of treasures we have found and he gave me some furniture refinishing advice. He buys furniture and occasionally is lucky enough to find furniture to refinish and sell at flea markets. He was delighted with the chest of drawers that I had saved and promised that it would be beautiful again. In the end we exchanged emails with the promise that he would send me a photo when he was done refinishing the chest!

Garbage picking can be a great way of re-cycling and saving a piece of furniture from the land fill can really be a good feeling. So I will continue to celebrate the fun of Garbage day but I will also be careful to have a good balance of taking things to the curb and not bringing too much in from the curb!

2 thoughts on “Musings of a Garbage Picker

  1. One of my best ‘picks’ was a Hosier Cabinet. It had the original hardware and frosted glass! The flower bin, cutting board and top were missing, but easily replaced. We stripped off the white paint and restored it to it’s original oak finish – beautiful!

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