Ladder from Trash becomes Garden Art

Look what I found! Yes, I have been garbage picking again but what a treasure!


I spotted this pile of ladder pieces at the curb and I couldn’t resist. I didn’t take the whole pile (that would be greedy) just the pieces that I thought I could use! My husband was just thrilled with my find (there really should be a font for sarcasm!) He simply couldn’t imagine what I could do with a broken down ladder. So I had to google some ideas to show him.

I found this ladder at Pottery Barn for $279 and the discussion was over.

One of the pieces that I found still had the locking brackets attached, they were rusted and looked like they would be great for my hanging jars. I attached the ladder to my fence with a couple screws and some steel strapping. Then I hung a jar from each of the brackets (learn how to make hanging jars here.)

20120413-191332.jpg   20120413-191418.jpg

I plan to make a sign or something to hang from the rungs of the ladder, I just love when projects lead to more projects! And the good news is: that was just one of the pieces now I get to come up with projects for the others!!!

I think that Fridays on my blog are going to be dedicated to my trash to treasure projects. It will give me an excuse (as if I need one) to watch for treasures at the curb, go to garage sales and visit the thrift stores.


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