Braiding Palms an Annual Craft Project

Once a year I get to do an enjoyable project. On Palm Sunday each year I look forward to braiding palms. I make a couple of styles that I must have learned as a child because it seems like some I have been doing my whole life.


This year I found a tutorial on how to make a Cross from a palm so I decided to try something new.


I printed out the directions and took a bundle of palms to my religion students. I thought we could make Crosses and give them to our Pastor to take to home bound parishioners. It took some trial and error but we figured out how to make them. Unfortunately by the the time we got it figured out half the class had lost interest! Lucky for me I have an assistant and she worked with the students that were interested so I could rein in the chaos. I learned that although I often get away with these last minute ideas I really do need to be better prepared! I did end up with a nice collection of Crosses and hopefully they will be enjoyed.


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