Color Inspiration

I found my kitchen color inspiration in a cup of coffee! I have this Longaberger coffee mug and I love the colors in it and the way they go together.


When I was trying to decide on the colors for my kitchen redo last year I chose the colors that I loved from my mug. I took my mug to the paint department and looked for paints to match. I couldn’t find all my colors in one brand but with paint match technology that isn’t a problem.  I carry my paint samples with me when I shop for kitchen accessories.  Although my decorating style isn’t matchy matchy it is nice to have a starting point.  My decorating philosophy is “if I like it, then it will probably go well with the other stuff I like!”  Will I ever win an award for home decorating?  Probably not.  Am I happy and comfortable in my little home?  Yes I am.



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